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[ September 21st 2011 ]

Tomb Raider's debut trailer 'Turning Point' has scooped Videogame Cinematic of the Year courtesy of 3D World magazine. The 3-minute cinematic was produced by Visual Works, a Square Enix animation studio based in Tokyo.

3D World magazine said: "Pre-rendered CG footage to promote new titles or punctuate the game itself is now a prerequisite of the field. The stunning imagery in this category is being rewarded for technical excellence, production design, storytelling and overall visual impact."

Karl Stewart, global brand director for Tomb Raider said: "The team is elated to have their hard work on the Tomb Raider: Turning Point trailer recognised by 3D World.

"The three-minute trailer took over a year to develop, and is the product of a very successful partnership between the Redwood City videogame developer Crystal Dynamics and the Square Enix Visual Works Studios out of Tokyo.

"To see our collaborative effort recognised as a leader in the video game space is quite an honour."

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