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[ May 13th 2001 ]

Closely following in the footsteps of Core Design's Lara Croft, teen pop sensation Britney Spears will soon be digitally remastered for her new role in a Playstation II feature:

Like the virtual hero of "Tomb Raider," Spears will soon cavort onscreen in her own video game a PlayStation 2 title that promises to feature what the company behind it calls "entertainment elements that have never been seen before." No release date or title has been announced, but more details are expected to come to light in a Los Angeles press conference scheduled for Thursday. The conference will be part of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, a video game industry convention. The contents of the game remain a mystery, but prior announcements from its creators, Enroute Inc., provide some clues.

Enroute's main product is the "FirstPerson Immersive Video system," a technology that combines video footage from many different cameras to create 3-D environments that users can navigate as they choose. According to the company, the system allows players to watch video footage "in full motion from any angle, as if the viewer is actually within the scene directing the camera."

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