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[ August 19th 2011 ]

Lara Croft may well be teaming up with fast-food chain McDonalds to fuel the monsterous PR machine behind Tomb Raider. According to Californian-based Gaming Focus, the British protagonist has been snapped on a billboard promoting the restaurant.

No further details on the promotional tie-up have been released, but a line of collectibles based on Tomb Raider could be a real possibility. Picture below courtesy of Gaming Focus.

Update from Karl Steward from Crystal Dynamics via Tomb Raider Forums. "I know a few of you had questions about Lara's appearance in this French McDonalds advertisement. The poster using Underworld Lara isn't indicative of a long-term partnership with McDonalds.

"McDonalds was looking to put together a campaign featuring iconic characters, and asked if we'd allow them to include Lara alongside other pop-culture personas as Darth Vadar, King Kong, and even the dude from Scream. It made sense to use a more traditional version of Lara instead of the less-identifiable and younger version.

"I think the campaign is actually drawing to a close, so I'm not sure they will be around much longer."

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