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[ May 13th 2001 ]

Graeme Revell, famed for sowing the notes to The Crow and The Saint, has replaced Michael Kamen as composer of Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider score, given just ten days to complete over sixty minutes of orchestral music, musicfromthemovies dot com reports today.

"This is what I would describe as a panic situation." a source told the movie music magazine this morning, "Kamen made his first demo for the director/producers and there was no immediate feedback to his cues. Feedback started after he already made a second demo, the whole communication process was out of synch and they panicked because the film is supposed to be out the first week of June. At this point they decided to hire another composer to do the job." The score is mostly electronic but portions of it is written for a 65 piece orchestra and a 50 voice choir recorded in London. "The only way I could write so much music in ten days was to weight the approach in favour of electronics rather than orchestra," Revell says to Music from the Movies.

"But this was as much a creative decision as anything because the style of the film does not support a big bombastic orchestral score." Revell himself was not able to attend the orchestral-choral sessions in London as he had to stay in Los Angeles writing. "My brother Ashley - music editor- and John Kurlander - engineer- have been running the sessions and ISDN-ing the material overnight for my approval. So far we've had to redo a few things the orchestrators have misinterpreted but given the circumstances it has gone extremely well." Revell - who is the third and final composer on the project after game music composer Nathan McCree and Michael Kamen - adds that "the movie is a lot of fun and Angelina Jolie looks sensational!"

Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie, based on Core Designs computer adventure series of the same name, is due to premier across the United States June 15th, coming to European shores July 6th. The Elektra soundtrack featuring Moby, Fatboy Slim, Missy Elliott and Irish rock group U2 will go on sale June 5th.

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