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[ June 3rd 2011 ]

Karl Stewart, global brand director at Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics, has spoken to The Daily on resetting the calendar on Lara Croft and the direction the studio plans to take Tomb Raider.

"We found that people didn't feel emotionally attached to Lara," said Stewart. "Christopher Nolan took Batman and basically made that character culturally relevant. The first part of that movie was about breaking Batman down. Then he finally dons the mask, and you get why he does what he does.

"When Tomb Raider came on the scene, she landed with all of her equipment and that was it," explained Stewart. "We never told the story of who she was or how she became that girl. At the time it was more about playing in a 3-D world, but nowadays players need to have some depth and substance to make them want to spend 10 hours playing a game."

The full interview is available via iPad App Store courtesy of The Daily.

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