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[ May 3rd 2011 ]

South African videogame magazine NAG has kindly released their Tomb Raider preview in HQ PDF via Tomb Raider Forums. The feature on Tomb Raider sports a second round of media showcasing Lara Croft in her forthcoming adventure.

Speaking on Tomb Raider Forums: "My name's Geoff and I'm a staff writer at NAG Magazine, as well as the author of that article. We're glad that you folks enjoyed reading it, and truth be told, we're pretty flattered that people would go out of their way to get hold of scans and make such a big fuss about our coverage of this fantastic-looking game.

"To show our appreciation, and to let you know there are no hard feelings for copyright infringement, we've decided to release the full PDF of that article, for free, exclusively on these forums. We hope you enjoy it."

We would like to extend our thanks to NAG and invite our readers to view the preview here.


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