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[ April 2nd 2011 ]

Angelina Jolie will once again don hot-pants and pistols as she leaps back into her role as Lara Croft, but this time in comic-book form. Beverly Hills-based publisher Bluewater Productions are creating a graphic novel entitled Female Force: Angelina Jolie and Radar Online has a sneak preview of the upcoming cartoon.

Female Force: Angelina Jolie will guide readers through the star's career, including her role as iconic adventurer Lara Croft and her humanitarian aid work. "I learned a great deal about her struggles and triumphs as an actress, mother and humanitarian," author Brent Sprecher tells Radar Online.

"Often painted as an edgy, slightly dangerous movie star, what is often not revealed about Ms. Jolie is her tireless commitment to charity work and her dedication to the plight of refugees around the world as a Goodwill Ambassador with the United Nations."

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