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[ May 11th 2001 ]

The charged music video to Irish rock group U2's Elevation single featuring Angelina Jolie is rumoured to have been postponed because the Tomb Raider star has been unable to fit the shooting into her busy schedule, IGN Filmforce reports today.

Directed by Joseph Kahn, recruited to single-handedly helm the mini production, Angelina Jolie, donning hot pants and pistols, was booked to star as Core Designs cyber babe Lara Croft sent to rescue U2 band member The Edge from an evil version of himself. Filming had been planned to commence some weeks ago in Seattle. New footage will now be considered, including the insertion of computer-generated imagery to replace the Oscar winning Jolie. MTV, who has chronicled the making of Elevations music video, ironically also the first track to feature on Elektra's upcoming Tomb Raider movie sound track, will air a special documentary over the next few weeks.

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