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[ August 14th 2010 ]

Have I really been authoring a Tomb Raider web site for thirteen years? Am I totally insane? Yes on both counts it would appear. More changes to the web site which began life in 1997 utilising free web space from Newnet. Here we are more than a decade later with the current version of Tomb Raider Chronicles.

Changing the format of the web site has been more than challenging because of the volume of material we have. At time of publication, there are 7,445 documents, 39,646 images (site content and official media) and an entire collection of videos and music. Deciding how to present this material in a simple and concise manner is paramount and I hope I am achieving these goals.

The majority of the changes are behind-the-scenes. Most documents are now HTML 4.0 Transitional which means they should be compatible with most (if not all) modern day browsers. A new navigation bar now appears at the top of each page and links to our major divisional content hubs.

The cost of maintaining the web site and forum has risen steadily as the project has grown. I'm sure most of you will not mind the inclusion of an additional advertising panel to help cover the costs. Tomb Raider Chronicles by no means turns a profit, but this addition will go some way in increasing revenue. If you are so inclined, you can also donate here.

On a personal note, I haven't spent my usual obsessive amount of time of late on the magazine. As my schedule finally shows some signs of relief, readers can expect more updates and revisions. There is still much to do.

Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light is just around a corner. You can expect a full review from Tomb Raider Chronicles in due course and of course a shiny new walkthrough to accompany Lara's latest adventure.

Tomb Raider 9, the next pillar release from Crystal Dynamics, is currently being developed and it's only a matter of time before information and media is made readily available. As usual Tomb Raider Chronicles will be at the forefront of keeping you informed.

In the meantime, enjoy the changes. There will be more of course. As always comments are suggestions are always welcome and can be posted on our official forum, Tomb Raider Forums.

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