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[ July 9th 2010 ]

Keir Edmonds is canvassing questions for the return of the official Tomb Raider podcast. The podcast is produced in-house and provides a valuable insight into the development of Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light as well as the inner workings of a top-flight video-game studio.

"This time we'll be answering your questions in a format we like to call a non-streamed audio webcast. You might like to call it a............ PODCAST." says Keir Edmonds.

"So despite the fact I truly detest the sound of my own voice, I'll be recording a few of these non-streamed audio webcasts or 'podcasts' over the coming weeks interviewing the devs behind LCGoL. We'll touch on various Lara realted topics and aspects of LCGoL."

If you have a question relating to the development of Tomb Raider, venture on over to Tomb Raider Forums and submit your question.

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