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[ December 2nd 2009 ]

Lara Croft Way has been shortlisted as a possible candidate for a new road name in Derby, reports This is Derbyshire. The Tomb Raider joins seven other suggestions voted for by the public. The final name will be selected from a second vote which begins tomorrow and runs through to January 31, 2009.

John Forkin, director of Marketing Derby, said he was in favour of something modern. "If you think about roads we have, like Sir Frank Whittle Road and St Alkmunds Way, roads can say something about where the city has come from and what it is proud of being associated with," he said.

"We have waited a long time for this road and we need to give it a name and the right name. Personally I would be in favour of something that projects something new and modern about the city so I quite like the Lara Croft idea."

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