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[ May 3rd 2001 ]

Elektra Entertainment have released four track promos from their upcoming Tomb Raider movie soundtrack which delivers via Real Networks REAL G2 Player. To download RealPlayer, go here. If you already have RealPlayer installed, click the below links to listen.

Missy Elliott - "Get 'Ur Freak On" [feat. Nelly Furtato] Listen Via G2

Nine Inch Nails - "Deep" [Full Length clip] Listen Via G2

Bosco - "Satellite" [30 sec. clip] Listen Via G2

Oxide & Neutrino - "Devil's Nightmare" [30 sec. clip] Listen Via G2

Elektra's soundtrack precedes Paramount Pictures June 15 Tomb Raider movie premier by ten days launching across the United States June 5th. Full soundtrack details available HERE.

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