Lara Croft skin coming to Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft
[ 18 Feb 2020 ]
Ubisoft has announced a Lara Croft skin for Rainbow Six Siege Ash as part of Operation Void Edge.
Tomb Raider sells 75M units worldwide reports Square Enix
[ 01 Feb 2020 ]
Tomb Raider has now sold 75M units worldwide, according to sales data from Square Enix.
New Tomb Raider inspired music from Dean Kopri
[ 27 Jan 2020 ]
Dean Kopri has sent over 20 new and remastered songs inspired by Tomb Raider.

Copyright 2009 GDI Press Release

[ February 11th 2009 ]

GDI Game Domain International Plc (GDI) today announced a second milestone in the Public Beta of its revolutionary games download platform AWOMO with the launch of Tomb Raider: Legend from Eidos, originally released in 2006.

The game will be free of charge to play via for a period of one month from today, for consumers to continue stress testing GDI's new platform that allows PC games to be downloaded in minutes rather than hours.

The much anticipated Public Beta of the AWOMO digital delivery platform features new technology that delivers even the largest AAA PC games in minutes rather than hours compared with conventional download services, directly from a web browser. It enables consumers to start playing a game while it is downloading without interruption to the game play.

"Tomb Raider: Legend is the perfect title both to showcase our unique super-fast download technology, and continue our stress trials," explained Roger Walkden, Chief Executive of GDI. "We have already proved in our first test that via AWOMO, players can be playing a game 5x faster than conventional download services.

"With Tomb Raider: Legend , a 7.2GB game, we can demonstrate that players on an 8 Megabit line can be playing the game within 11 minutes, a staggering 11x the speed of competing services and twice as fast as our previous Beta test game."

"We're pleased to support the AWOMO Public Beta with Tomb Raider: Legend, added Simon Protheroe, Online Publishing Director of Eidos. "We're extremely impressed with the speed advantages of the platform and the overall quality of the consumer experience."

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