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[ May 2nd 2001 ]

Joining a growing collection of official Tomb Raider movie merchandise announced today by Diamond Comics is a series of Inkworks' Lara Croft Tomb Raider Premium Trading Cards as detailed below:

Angelina Jolie brings the fan-favorite video game character Lara Croft to life in the summer blockbuster, Tomb Raider. The movie fans have been waiting for captures Lara’s indomitable search for the truth as she pushes her intelligence, agility, and technical mastery to their very limits Navigating diabolical tombs and grappling with mystical adversaries, Lara overcomes extreme obstacles as she races to retrieve three ancient artifacts before their devastating power is unleashed on mankind!

This 90-card series is filled with story cards, gadgets cards, behind-the-scenes cards, and more, plus four levels of bonus cards: nine foil "Lara Croft Tomb Raider" cards (1:11); six embossed "The Quest" cards (1:17); "Piecework" cards, which feature Lara Croft costumes (randomly inserted); autographed cards; and a special box loader card, one in every box! 8 cards per pack. 36 packs per box. SRP: $1.99 per pack. Also available is the Tomb Raider binder! This premium printed and padded vinyl binder is the most attractive way to store your Tomb Raider collection! And, you can add to your collection with the Tomb Raider Nine-Card Uncut Mini-Press Sheet! Limited to 500 sequentially numbered sheets.

More pricing and ordering details, pop on over to Diamond Comics.

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