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[ January 12th 2009 ]

The former creative director of Tomb Raider Underworld, Eric Lindstrom, has dismissed claims made by ex-employees of Crystal Dynamics that original content from Tomb Raider Underworld was removed in order to provide material for DLC. Eric, who was one of 30 staff let go by owners Eidos on Friday, says he was one of three people involved in the decision to edit the game in order to maintain shipping schedule.

"I can tell you without doubt that the content of DLC was absolutely not held back from Underworld for the purpose of selling later down the road. I am one of only three people who knows this for sure because not only were there only three of us in the room at the time the decision was made, I was the one who made it.

"We had a production issue that was going to make us miss our ship date - which we could not do - and I needed to find a way to cut enough days from the schedule in a manner that would not rip a hole in the game that would take time to sew up.

"It was my idea to cut what was cut, and I did hope that it would one day be made available as a download mission, because there was great content already conceived and half completed, but on the day we made the cut, it was made purely for Underworld production reasons.

"Even if I was told on that day that we would never ever make a downloadable level, I still would have had to cut it. Anyone who says otherwise is speculating or heard someone else speculating, and is incorrect."

The statement was in response to original claims by an anonymous poster on Tomb Raider Forums that up to 40% of DLC had been culled from Tomb Raider Underworld. Beneath The Ashes and Lara's Shadow are exclusive 'downloadable chapters' for Xbox 360 gamers due to be released later this month.

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