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[ December 18th 2008 ]

Alison Carroll's wish for a career in acting has come a step closer thanks to her current tenure as Lara Croft. The 23-year-old Croydon lass has secured a role alongside Danny Dyer in Doghouse where she will play a man-hating cannibal infected by a virus. Oscar winning stuff!

Anointed as Lara Croft to promote Tomb Raider Underworld, Alison is an elite gymnast who has flown the flag for Great Britain. She has performed across the UK and overseas as part of a team of twenty athletes, wowing Prince Charles when she appeared at a special event at Westminster Abbey.

The feisty pint-sized performer is also a dedicated coach of younger gymnasts, and recently choreographed the routine for the junior team that won the British National Championships.

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