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[ May 1st 2001 ]

Hoping to improve on it's current number three position in the Irish soft drinks market, energy drink manufacturer Lucozade have enlisted the help of O&M Ireland who are preparing to launch a new TV campaign comprising of 30 and 10 seconds ads, Ad World reports today.

The new ad is the third in the series designed to build on the brand's successful link with the Tomb Raider star Lara Croft. Devised for the Irish market, it reverts back to the original Lucozade Lara Croft TV creative, where the cyber heroine is chased by rampaging hounds. Whilst running she loses her Lucozade Energy boost as the bottle falls from her pack. In a novel twist, however, one of the hounds has stopped to examine the Lucozade spill, starts to drink it and so escapes the grim fate of the rest of the pack who hurtle over the cliff. Lara, who has hung on to a rock at the edge of the cliff, hauls herself back to a firm footing where she is confronted face to face with the snarling survivor with the lost Lucozade bottle. The ad closes with the tagline 'Get the Energy Edge', leaving viewers to wonder what happens next and who now has the upper hand.

Lucozade also announced recently, for the first time in it's history, the renaming of it's popular sports drink product to Larazade as a tribute to the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie Tomb Raider. The Larazade web challenge launches today enticing contestants to Challenge Lara in order to win one of five Land Rover Defenders, similar in design to those which appear in the movie. Thanks to Ad World for the heads up.

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