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[ November 28th 2008 ]

The fine folk from Tomb Raider Forums recently sent in a number of questions to Lara Croft model Alison Carroll, ranging from her favourite video-game to her top music picks. The interview was recently recorded by Eidos and is now available to watch online via our official YouTube channel, our Goodness on Demand service or offline in 720p High Definition.

Alison is an elite gymnast who has flown the flag for Great Britain. She has performed across the UK and overseas as part of a team of twenty athletes, wowing Prince Charles when she appeared at a special event at Westminster Abbey. She is also a dedicated coach of younger gymnasts, and recently choreographed the routine for the junior team that won the British National Championships.

Tomb Raider Underworld is out now across North America and Europe. The Lara Croft-helmed adventure blends exploration, grand scale puzzle solving and combat, taking players on an archaeological journey to the ancient netherworlds of the Mediterranean, Thailand, Mexico, the Arctic Sea and more.

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