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[ November 22nd 2008 ]

Our Tomb Raider Underworld walkthrough is now complete and ready for service. It's been a long haul and this is only the first pass. Accordingly, some items including several relics do not appear. The second pass will include all secrets and relics along with screenshots to provide assistance when performing some of the trickier elements of the game.

The third pass will feature a full game video walkthrough which will also include all secrets and relics. We'd love to hear your comments and your own suggestions on how we can improve our walkthrough, so do hop on over to Tomb Raider Forums and let us know what you think.

Tomb Raider Underworld is out now across North America and Europe. The Lara Croft-helmed adventure blends exploration, grand scale puzzle solving and combat, taking players on an archeological journey to the ancient netherworlds of the Mediterranean, Thailand, Mexico, the Arctic Sea and more.

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