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[ November 10th 2008 ]

In Tomb Raider Underworld's latest expose, Lara Croft takes on all comers in a frenetic fire fight aboard a huge ocean liner. Battling foes with a multitude of weapons, her acrobatic skills are tested to the full as she explores every section of the ship to recover a stolen artefact.

As Lara enters the interior of the ship, the pace quickens when an explosion rocks the ship to its core, causing the ship to list and finally sink. With time running out, Lara must regain the artefact and escape the fire ravaged corridors and escape to freedom. Her exit is blocked on all sides by raging fires and gas explosions that stop her in her tracks.

What once were floors become walls, as ceilings break apart and crash to the floor. Where the whole structure was once a solid grounding in the ocean, the entire level becomes the puzzle where only the quickest and smartest will survive!

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