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[ September 12th 2008 ]

Stephen Reynolds has sent word that Tomb Raider Ascension, a 'fan produced' motion picture based on the woes of Lara Croft, is now available to watch on the film's official web site. Don't let the 'fan film' moniker fool you either, Tomb Raider Ascension is a finely crafted adventure with stunning cinematography accompanied by more than respectable performances from the cast.

From the official web site: "After surviving for two weeks in the Himalayas, after a fatal plane crash in which everyone but Lara is killed, including her mother, Lara awakes in hospital with no memory of how she got there. Distraught over the loss of her mother Lara points the finger at her Father for cutting their holiday short and bringing them home, causing a rift between them and breaking up what was left of the Croft family.

"Now four years on and after a stint in the army, Lara returns home to find her Uncle Errol is organising a funeral for her Father, who has been missing for three years. It is not long before she learns that both her father and his brother, both respected archeologists, have been searching for the same thing for a number of years. The Ascension Stone.

"A sacred artifact created by the ancient Mayan Civilization in Mexico hundreds of years ago, believed to hold the secrets behind the end of the Mayan calendar in 2012. With the family butler, Winston, educating her about everything he has learned from her Father about the Ascension Stone, Lara heads off to follow her first lead buried in an ancient mine deep in the heart of England.

"Once down there she discovers more than she had ever hoped for and soon realises her Uncle has answers to questions she has been asking for a long time."

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