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[ September 8th 2008 ]

Eidos Creative Director Ian Livingstone has told Edge Online restructuring of the company is on track. "If you look under the hood you will find there are many challenges that face the industry," he says. "Notably costs, skills, scale, working capital, management and technology."

"We have been very upfront about what we are as a business and where we are going. We have put in place a studio-led and product-centric operation and everybody is now happily on board. Studio-led means that operationally we have moved publishing responsibilities such as brand, PR and marketing into our key studios."

Ian Livingstone also says the merging of development teams has increased creative output. "Having a focused team based around our cornerstone franchises means one team based in the same office, country and time zone so that they can explore every opportunity directly alongside the game's development."

Earlier this year, Eidos announced an aggressive roadmap to profitability after shedding millions from its market value. This included the replacing of Jane Cavanagh, Bill Ennis and Rob Murphy who all stepped down. The British-based company also transitioned production services to Montreal and integrated North American distribution with Warner Bros on upcoming title launches.

SCi Entertainment, which owns Eidos Interactive, is expected to announce its full year disclosure in October, 2008. Tomb Raider Underworld, one of the company's leading franchise titles, is scheduled for release across European territories on November 21, 2008.

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