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[ August 29th 2008 ]

Katie Fleming is an award-winning Canadian author who has been penning stories based on the Tomb Raider series for eight years. Katie releases her twelfth adventure, A Room In Waiting, on August 29th, 2008. She stopped by for a cup of coffee and to offer a tantalising glimpse at her new fiction and a candid reflection on how it all began.

"When I start writing a new story, it's quite an ordeal." Katie says. "Initial ideas, plots, research, more research, and writing. It's an adventure in itself, writing, and I get complete enjoyment from taking on the whole thing. When fans are playing the game, the ultimate goal is to get to the end, find the treasure; discover the truth, etc. For me, my goal is producing a high quality piece of fiction that I am proud of, and something that closely resembles the games and is true to Lara.

"It's an incredible feeling, finishing a story. For A Room in Waiting, I read over 15 books, watched several videos, and spent hours doing research online. I had over 50 hand-written pages of ideas/research before I even started the story. If others enjoy it as well, that's a great bonus; sort of an extra award!

Lara Croft has touched many lives in many ways, and Katie's is no exception. "When I was interviewed for the Tomb Raider Anniversary Retrospective Documentary I believe this was one of the questions that they edited out, so I'm glad I can answer it again! Wow, when I think about everything I've done during the past eight years, related to Tomb Raider, it really boggles my mind. Writing stories, making a website, doing a movie, and other various projects - all because of a game!

"I was about twelve years old when I started playing the games, and Lara instantly became a role model for me. I didn't even realise what was happening, but after playing five minutes of the first game I was hooked, and from there on, she has really been a part of my life!

"Lara is a strong, beautiful, intelligent, daring, and adventurous character. There are a lot of things you can learn from playing the game, and I believe in a way, she helped me become who I am. Without Lara and the games, I wouldn't have had any of these great things happen, and I am so thankful for discovering the games. In short, Lara means opportunity, new discoveries, and thrilling adventures, to me.

"With every story I produce I can tell I'm improving, and A Room in Waiting is no exception." Katie concludes. "This story is one of my best, with an intricate and exciting storyline, great character development, and a wonderful flow from the beginning to end.

So what can readers expect from A Room in Waiting? "Like thousands of others before her, and true to her adventurous nature, the indomitable Lara Croft is fascinated by the mysterious and intriguing Maya civilization, deemed one of the brightest to have ever existed. Setting out on yet another of her famous quests, Lara journeys to Tikal, one of the most glorious locales of the Maya culture.

"Her explorations take her deep into the thick Guatemalan jungle, through ancient temples and tombs, as she solves age-old and fascinating puzzles and collects clues. What secrets did the Maya leave hidden beneath the lush jungle and deep in the cryptic temples? Only Lara finds the true answer, and the biggest secret of all, in the hidden room in waiting.

Journey on over to Katie's web site and collect A Room in Waiting, available online now.

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