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[ July 8th 2008 ]

Eidos Interactive has released a portion of storyboard from Tomb Raider Underworld along with an updated blog entry from Eric Lindstrom. The storyboard features three conceptual artworks fleshing out a scene from Lara Croft's upcoming adventure.

According to Eric Lindstrom: "Because a game is greater than the sum of its parts, it's important to put a lot of effort into creating the best assembly and ordering of parts possible. A lot of elements are going to be a part of the recipe for Tomb Raider Underworld - exciting story developments, new game mechanics, incredible discoveries, epic reveals, dangerous new enemies, amazing and varied locales, and more. We needed a way to organize all this into a well-paced experience.

"So from the first day, I wanted to storyboard the game. Not just the cut scenes, not just concept art for key rooms, but the entire game experience in rough sketch form. For a movie, especially animated films, you storyboard the whole movie front to back, and you can even play an animated movie in storyboard form early on before you've started coloring in between the lines.

"You can't do that with interactive experiences, but all games have linear progressions, be they cut scenes, mechanics ramps, abilities scaling, etc., so experience storyboards can be a very important tool for interactive as well.

Head on over to the official Tomb Raider web site to read the rest of Eric's blog entry and follow the below referenced hyperlink to collect a GIANT HQ version of the new Tomb Raider Underworld storyboard segment.

Tomb Raider Underworld Storyboard

Go GIANT Tomb Raider Underworld Storyboard

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