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[ June 30th 2008 ]

Eidos Interactive has released the two comparison screenshots from Tomb Raider Underworld showcasing just how far Cyrstal Dynamics have come in a few short months. The first screenshot was taken in November 2007 and the second taken June 2008. Producer Eric Lindstrom has also updated his blog.

According to Eric Lindstrom: "It's always exciting to see screenshots from Tomb Raider Underworld appear in magazines, and then online, but it's frustrating, too. In the weeks or months between providing the screenshots and seeing them in print, the game has usually improved dramatically. This is true for demos as well, and I've even been telling previewers that what we have upstairs already looks better than the demo we're showing.

"Now that we're in a position to post things ourselves in real time, I thought I would prove what I've been saying all along. I got the idea this week when I stopped by to talk to Pat Sirk, our Art Director, and on his screen happened to be the same area of Mexico we first showed when we announced the game.

"It looks phenomenal - much more lush with tree roots and vines climbing down the walls, detailed ground, rich light and shadows, etc. - and I knew I wanted to post a side-by-side of this area, showing you all how it has improved."

Head on over to the official Tomb Raider web site to read the rest of Eric's blog entry and follow the below referenced hyperlink to collect GIANT HQ versions of the new comparison screenshots.

Go GIANT Tomb Raider Underworld Comparison Screenshots

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