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[ June 24th 2008 ]

Eric Lindstrom has revealed further details on the storyline propping up Tomb Raider Underworld. Published on the official developers blog, Eric expands on Lara's role and what gamers can expect from her latest adventure.

"For generations, stories have been told of the fearsome weapon of Thor, the Norse god of thunder. Legend holds that Thor’s hammer had the power to smash mountains into valleys and to destroy even the gods. For more than a thousand years it has existed only as a myth... until now.

"In an ancient ruin on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea, Lara Croft uncovers proof of the Norse underworld and the mythical hammer. As she attempts to unravel the secrets behind these myths, Lara’s perilous journey leads her toward a forgotten power that, if unleashed, could lay waste to all civilization.

"Hero or antihero? Fans of Tomb Raider games are well aware that Lara Croft is not in the business of saving the world. Occasionally we all benefit from her expeditions – like when she defeated the plans of Natla , the immortal queen of Atlantis, in the original Tomb Raider – but altruism is not what motivates her.

"She is driven to solve archeological mysteries by uncovering the primordial truths that evolved over time to become mythology. Often this relates to extremely ancient artifacts with inexplicable powers that inspired myths in later cultures.

"In Tomb Raider Underworld, the danger to the world comes from Lara herself, because the answers she’s looking for are locked in a ruin that also contains a dormant force which, if disturbed, could destroy everything. Knowing this, Lara stubbornly continues her quest anyway, dragging the world toward the abyss with her because she is willing to risk everything and everyone to solve the mysteries that vex her."

Tomb Raider Underworld is being developed by U.S. studio Crystal Dynamics and is now scheduled to release November 2008 on all major console platforms.

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