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[ June 19th 2008 ]

Playstation World is the latest magazine to publish an in-depth preview of Tomb Raider Underworld and floats new information on what to expect from Lara Croft's forthcoming adventure. The game is being developed by U.S. studio Crystal Dynamics and is scheduled for release December 2008.

According to bulletin points provided by PSW, Tomb Raider Underworld opens with an ethereal descent to the murky depths of the Mediterranean where Lara Croft discovers proof that the Norse underworld existed and Thor's legendary hammer is real. The undersea opener offers up a shoal of sharks and the game's first puzzle.

Weapons at Lara Croft's disposal include a spear gun, her trusty dual pistols, sticky grenades and tranquiliser guns. A new 'Help On Demand' option features hints and tips via a PDA (personal digital organiser). Lara now sports a Sonar Map, which maps her terrain.

According to PSW, moisture will affect Lara's grip strength in a number of levels and the magazine expands on 'Spherical Harmonics', a new feature developed by Crystal Dynamics to enhance and manipulate light and colour within environments. Lara also has some new toys to play with, most notable a hybrid snowmobile come all-terrain bike.

The character herself is armed with a colossal 1,700 new moves, and Troels Folmann is welding his magic once again with a series of tightly sown ambient compositions rather than overblown orchestral scores.

Playstation World also features a number of new screenshots and an artwork of Lara Croft decked out in scuba gear. The magazine is on sale across the United Kindom. Thanks to Tomb Raider Forums for the heads-up.

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