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[ June 5th 2008 ]

Marcus Trogen is best remembered for his ever popular Tomb Raider-inspired musical compositions. The Swedish composer has just returned from a two-year hiatus with a brand new composition and a previously unreleased track. Marcus also sent over this update on his current endevours, including his new project Faithful Vibes.

"The Raider is the first new Tomb Raider song in some time and contains musical elements from the original Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider III, Tomb Raider Legend, The Last Revelation, and Tomb Raider Anniversary. It could be considered a sort of Tomb Raider theme anthology since it has elements from all three Tomb Raider composers (Nathan McCree, Peter Conelly, and Troels Folmann).

"During the introduction of the tune, a rendition by Lara Croft can be heard featuring the voices of all those who have portrayed Lara in the games. I thought it both fun and appropriate using speech from all of the Crofts. Obviously, the whole "Anniversary" concept was in the back of my head during the development process.

"Having pondered on a suitable song title that would fit a composition of this character and after some dialogue with people on the outside, the song title "The Raider" was finally decided, referring to Lara Croft having survived numerous dangers throughout all of the games. I had a lot of fun creating it and I hope that listeners out there will enjoy the tune.

"On the side of this, I have also been working on a musical project for the last couple of months which is now in the process of being launched. This project is an attempt to stand on my own two feet, and three music tracks finished and many more ideas in the pipeline.

"Since my name was more or less connected to the Tomb Raider community, I wanted to distance my fan-based work from my original work. My family name "Trogen", being the Swedish word for "faithful", was basis for the project being called "Faithful Vibes" and my web site is currently located

"The project relies heavily on donations from music fans and a special campaign page has been created to support this. By creating a campaign I want to make the listener feel they're an active part of the project.

"Having been absent from the music scene for quite some time, it feels exciting to be back, and this time - with the help of the online community - I aim to stay with full energy focused on the music. So, spread the word... all support is welcome."

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