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[ May 16th 2008 ]

Eidos and Mona Sax from Tomb Raider Forums proudly announce the first official Tomb Raider Underworld Podcast, a fantastic audio commentary focusing on the development of Lara Croft's latest adventure under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics. This is the first in a series of official podcasts offering a valuable insight into the inner workings of a top flight video-game developer.

Keir Edmonds, Eidos Community Manager, and Mona Sax, polled members of Tomb Raider Forums back in January 2008 for a collection of questions for Crystal Dynamics. Keir ardently took those questions to California for a recent studio tour where both Keir and the team sat down and recorded the first official Tomb Raider Underworld Podcast.

We would like to extend our thanks to members of Tomb Raider Forums, who admirably rose to the challenge, Mona Sax and of course Keir Edmonds for his continued efforts working alongside community-based web sites. Collect the first official Tomb Raider Underworld Podcast below.

Go Official Tomb Raider Underworld Podcast

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