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[ May 4th 2008 ]

Eventually, Eidos will release lots and lots of wonderful videos and trailers showcasing Tomb Raider Underworld, and we - your humble magazine editors - will deliver those trailers in beautiful, polygon-rich, jaw-dropping, ZOMG quality for you to download and watch over and over.

Yet still, echoing through a chorus of delight and joyous applause at what may well be a pinnacle moment in the Lara Croft franchise, there will be a lone cry from the distance that goes something like this....

"Can someone upload to youtube?!"

Well, dear Flash-friendly reader. Fret not, because starting with Tomb Raider Underworld, we shall be adding to our already impressive repertoire of supported video formats by including Macromedia Flash. And you can get a taster right now by following this fetching orange hyperlink.

Please drop us a line if you experience any problems with the Flash player, so we can remedy any compatibility issues as soon as possible. Goodness on Demand is proudly powered by Flow Player.

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