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[ April 24th 2008 ]

Back in 2007, we released the complete series of Tomb Raider cinematics in stunning DVD-like quality, pooling the efforts of three producers in delivering cut scene goodness on an unparalleled scale and quality.

Game cinematics are the tapestries of all Lara Croft adventures. They serve to sow together the plot and the game-play by producing a continuously unfolding story, and they've always been one of the most popular assets on our web site.

Accordingly, we're reproducing the entire collection using state of the art equipment to give you an altogether smoother ride. We've cranked up the video bandwidth and frame rate to positively steaming, and three adventures await your perusal.

Game cinematics from Tomb Raider, The Angel Of Darkness and Tomb Raider Legend in jaw-dropping Next Gen quality have already been lovingly reproduced polygon-rich goodness-style. We've also moblised the popular DiVX and MP3 audio codec to deliver these little masterpieces in the best possible taste.

While you hammer away at our download server feverishly collecting our Ultra HQ Tomb Raider cinematics, we'll be polishing up the remainder of the series for publication in the coming days.

Tomb Raider Cinematics

Tomb Raider Game Cinematics

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