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[ April 24th 2008 ]

Hot on the heels of our brand new microsite celebrating fan-created Tomb Raider-inspired content, Tomb Raider Chronicles is sending out a wireless transmission across the fandom to all Lara Croft lookalikes and Tomb Raider character impersonators.

We, our humbled editors, cordially invite you to submit your photographs to a forthcoming section dedicated to showcasing your endeavours to our massive readership. Your content can be mailed direct to our magazine using this special email address or posted in this special thread.

We recognise the time and energy Lara Croft lookalikes put into their endeavours, and we believe those efforts and talents should be properly represented, hence our forthcoming new section dedicated to the cause.

Please note that by submitting content to us, you agree that the content you submit is your own and you are granting us a non-exclusive license to publish your content in our magazine.

Cosplay & Lookalikes

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