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[ March 18th 2008 ]

Larry Croft Tum Raider is an animation produced by Strange Company. The sequence was commissioned in 2001 by the BBC for their "Fiction Lab" series but was never broadcast. Tum Raider is a parody of popular video-game icon Lara Croft and stars her fictional brother Larry as he embarks on a mission to find the perfect culinary partner for a hamburger artefact.

Strange Company is "the world's oldest pro Machinima production company, making films in 3D virtual worlds to tell stories that couldn't be told any other way." Founded in 1997 by Hugh Hancock and Gordon McDonald, the studio has produced award-winning independent films (including the feature-length BloodSpell) as well as commercial films for the BBC, Electronic Arts and many others.

Kick back and enjoy the humourous Tum Raider via our official YouTube Channel which you can subscribe to absolutely free of charge.

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