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[ March 14th 2008 ]

Our online magazine has undergone major surgery on four separate occasions since launching in 1997. We have endeavoured to keep our format both user friendly and pleasing to the eye with each upgrade, a balance often challenging.

Providing interoperability between clients is now our primary objective as we prepare 5.0 of our magazine and with the help of W3C - an international consortium working together to develop web standards - we are pressing on with preparing and recoding all 6,137 pages of our web site in order to be fully W3C compliant.

To date, our main homepage and our Tomb Raider Underworld microsite - comprising 106 pages and counting - is now fully W3C compliant and interoperable between Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera along with many additional proprietary web clients.

Our next major overhaul will be to our Tomb Raider Anniversary microsite, which we hope to make W3C complaint by end of March 2008. Recoding our entire web site in preparation for 5.0 is a Herculean task which we anticipate will take approximately three months.

While this will not involve any visible changes pre-5.0, the actual source code which make up our pages will be completely rewritten in order to meet W3C standards. During this time, we respectfully request our readers provide valuable feedback using our contact form on any anomalies they may encounter while perusing our content.

The introduction of 5.0 of our magazine later this year will not only meet strict W3C standards, but also maintain standard output between multiple clients on multiple platforms.

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