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[ April 20th 2001 ]

Macintosh portal Aspyr Media have confirmed that Westlake Interactives Tomb Raider Chronicles MAC edition WILL ship with Core Designs Level Editor, ending months of speculation on whether or not a successful porting from PC to MAC would be successful.

"Yes, this is official confirmation that Tomb Raider Chronicles will ship with the level editor (I can hear you cheering from here). Also, Mark Adams, president of Westlake Interactive, has carbonized the game, which means that it will be OS X compatible"

Tomb Raider Chronicles features four flashback adventures embroiled in the past exploits of the now considered deceased Lara Croft. The Westlake port to the MAC platform will require, according to Aspyr, an iMac (revision B or later), G3 (blue and white desktop or later), or G4 with Open GL 3D Hardware Acceleration Required. Tomb Raider Chronicles (Mac Edition) is now available to pre-order from Aspyr Media priced $39.95

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