Lara Croft skin coming to Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft
[ 18 Feb 2020 ]
Ubisoft has announced a Lara Croft skin for Rainbow Six Siege Ash as part of Operation Void Edge.
Tomb Raider sells 75M units worldwide reports Square Enix
[ 01 Feb 2020 ]
Tomb Raider has now sold 75M units worldwide, according to sales data from Square Enix.
New Tomb Raider inspired music from Dean Kopri
[ 27 Jan 2020 ]
Dean Kopri has sent over 20 new and remastered songs inspired by Tomb Raider.

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[ December 28th 2007 ]

Among a slew of new features being stencilled into Tomb Raider Underworld by developer Crystal Dynamics is a dynamic new game-save system whereby the position of debris and enemy corpses will be recorded to file, ensuring seamless game-play for those hanging up Lara's boots in favour of a quick brew.

Tomb Raider Underworld will mark a departure from earlier Lara Croft-helmed games with the introduction of fixed debris. Once Lara has dispensed with an enemy combatant or wild animal, the remnants will remain in game, no longer disappearing after a few seconds. This new feature will also be extended to game saves for when players record their progress.

Diving back into Tomb Raider Underworld after a time-out will yield a seamless pickup from a previous save point, complete with debris from earlier kills and encounters, adding a more realistic and entertaining facet to proceedings.

Eidos will once again mobilise operations on Wednesday January 2nd following their Christmas break and we anticipate an official announcement on Tomb Raider Underworld soon after. We'll also be publishing our monster preview from our visit to Eidos in November 2007.

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