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[ April 16th 2001 ]

Further details on Land Rover's custom built Tomb Raider Defender will be released when the vehicle makes it's U.S. debut at this years April 22nd New York auto show, cars dot com reports today. Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie will helm the veracious all-terrain vehicle through the steamy Cambodian Jungles and across the rigid icy landscapes of Siberia in Paramount Pictures £120m summer blockbuster, and although the latest incarnation from Land Rover made it's world debut in February, the New York auto show promises to yield a few more surprises.

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Croft’s vehicle is based on the Defender, a tough, military-grade model not currently sold in the United States specifically, a high-capacity pickup version of the 110-inch-wheelbase rig customized with a roof rack with four front-mounted safari lights, aluminium tread plates and bumpers, and a winch on each of the four sides. The grey truck has technology as sophisticated as a notebook computer, a GPS navigation system and wireless telephony, as well as a shovel and an axe for when Lara is feeling primal. Sporting an onboard satellite navigation system, a self-contained breathing environment and packing two surface to air missile launchers bolted to the roof of the Bonatti Grey aluminium, the Land Rover Defender will also feature an "Emergency Kill Button", sure to be absent from most show-room models but very real in Paramount's silver screen conversion of Eidos Interactives video game Tomb Raider.

Land Rover have also managed the inclusion of two more off-road vehicles, specifically it's award winning Range Rover, which will be driven by Lara's adversary Powell, and a series of Discoveries helmed by Powells evil henchmen. "Tomb Raider is a great fit for us, as the movie will take audiences on a wild ride all over the globe, from the jungles to the deserts," Land Rover's spokesman Mosher said. "It will be a Land Rover adventure."

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