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[ December 4th 2007 ]

SCi Entertainment Group - owners of Eidos plc - are once again at the centre of takeover speculation reminiscent of the Elevation Group/SCi Group tango in 2005 which resulted in the latter acquiring Eidos for a princely share-indexed sum of polished marbles boyishly endorsed by a row of corporate white-enamelled grins.

Stepping into the ring in the latest round of bidding is American video-game giant Electronic Arts, who are thought to be wagering against Chinese-owned CDC, according to whispers from The Times in London.

SCi has confirmed the group are in talks with at least two possible suitors. SCi Entertainment remain an attractive target because of a string of successful intellectual properties which arm its war-chest. Those include Tomb Raider, starring fearless aristocrat Lara Croft, Hitman and Championship Manager.

The group has also staged its own purchasing coup this year with several coy acquisitions including that of Bluefish Media, an online digital distribution specialist. Expect a few more hats to be thrown in as the bidding war for SCi Entertainment continues in 2008.

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