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[ November 23rd 2007 ]

Eidos Interactive has mobilised Tomb Raider Anniversary on Xbox Live, Microsoft's popular video-game download service for owners of Xbox 360. Tomb Raider Anniversary comes in two episodes and can be downloaded by owners of Tomb Raider Legend for a tenner and some change.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a re-imagining of the original Lara Croft adventure from Core Design. The game - now under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics - has been modernised to utilise the power of the Xbox 360, Sony PS2, PC platform and for the first time ever, the Nintendo Wii console.

A mobile version of Tomb Raider Anniversary will be released on December 7th. This version boasts fifteen levels of action; featuring spike traps, walls of flame, devious puzzles and deadly foes - plus there will be four game modes available on selected handsets.

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