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[ October 25th 2007 ]

Your humble editor has been scribing Lara Croft anecdotes and pimping Tomb Raider media for nigh on ten years and for some reason we appear to have overlooked marking our decade in the Tomb Raider business due to playing Second Life an extreme workload from Eidos. For shits nostalgia and giggles, we present some incarnations of our early magazine covers; from our humble beginnings back in 1997 through to our current magazine splash.

Back in 1997 we occupied a branded domain from NewNet plc. Some nice press coverage in 2000 in many computer and video-game magazines resulted in a change of direction and the adoption of a business strategy which has kept us beating the drum for Lara Croft to this day.

Hand on heart, we're still as passionate about the franchise today as we were the first day yours truly knocked up that ghastly maroon monstrosity in Paint Shop Pro 2 (Computer Buyer 1.4 FDD Trial Edition) way back when. We hope you enjoy laughing with us as we present an evolution of our magazine for public humiliation and popular scrutiny. Click the thumbnails for the bigger pics.


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