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[ October 23rd 2007 ]

Lara Croft will soon be exploring ancient tombs on a spanking new platform courtesy of Eidos Interactive. Tomb Raider Anniversary - homage to the original adventure from Core Design - makes a debut on the Nintendo Wii platform this November and to herald the event, Eidos has dispatched a stunning new render of Lara Croft.

The new motion controls in the Wii version allow players to manoeuvre Lara using her grapple in a more physical and targeted way. Use the Nunchuk to speed Lara's movements and avoid the many pitfalls that befall our adventuress!

Players can also more closely mirror Lara's physical movements to target objects with the grapple and swing through her world in a more realistic way. Follow the below referenced hyperlink to collect the new artwork.

Lara Croft Artwork on Nintendo Wii

Lara Croft on Nintendo Wii Artwork

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