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[ October 15th 2007 ]

Eidos Interactive has rattled out a spanking new Tomb Raider Anniversary on Microsoft Xbox 360 game trailer featuring High Definition action with fearless aristocrat Lara Croft. Originally penned to release in September 2007, sources indicate the game may roll out as late as beginning 2008.

Tomb Raider Anniversary on Xbox 360 will be initially available in the form of downloadable episodic content via Marketplace and subsidised for purchase by owners of Tomb Raider Legend. A retail version will follow shortly after.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a reimagining of the original Lara Croft adventure from Core Design. Players follow the adventures of Lara Croft after she is hired by a powerful syndicate to retrieve a mythical object called the Scion.

After discovering that she has been used as a pawn in some larger scheme, Lara takes matters into her own hands deciding that she must uncover the mystery behind this ancient artifact.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Xbox 360 Trailer

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