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[ October 11th 2007 ]

Got our existing Tomb Raider HQ cut scene movies? Get all 36 The Last Revelation cut scene movies in screen-hugging, polygon-slapping, DVD-wannabe-quality. This presentation includes all standard sequences and additional interactive scenes compressed in popular Windows Media format.

Based entirely in Egyptian locations, The Last Revelation's plot revolves around ancient mythology and the alignment of the stars at the millennium. Finding herself in a serious predicament, Lara Croft's objective is clear from the outset - she must escape a terrifying destiny and rectify a situation that threatens to destroy humanity.

The Last Revelation was developed by Core Design and published by Eidos Interactive in 1999. Merci beaucoup to Clara from Tomb Raider Forums for her tireless efforts in bringing this presentation to fruition.

The Last Revelation Cut Scene Movies

The Last Revelation FMV & Cut Scene Movies

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