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[ September 18th 2007 ]

Eidos Interactive has released the first in an exclusive new series of Vignettes (movies to you and me) showcasing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Anniversary on the Nintendo Wii platform. Slated for release later this year, the Nintendo Wii version of the popular Tomb Raider game will include additional features exploiting the novel control system incorporated by the Japanese games maker.

Tomb Raider Anniversary will also be available on Xbox 360 - episodically - from September and is already available on Sony Playstation 2 and Windows PC. Eidos is expected to announce release dates for both Nintendo Wii and the European release date for Sony PSP at some point this millennium.

The Tomb Raider series is still one of the best selling videogame franchises of all time with over 32 million copies sold and two major feature films released, starring Angelina Jolie.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Nintendo Wii Vignettes

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