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[ June 20th 2007 ]

Eidos Interactive has released a stunning new photograph of newly anointed Lara Croft model Karima Adebibe promoting Tomb Raider Anniversary and the opening of Italy's first female-only beach in Riccione near Rimini.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is now available across Europe and North America, and has been met with critical acclaim. The game is based on a realisation of the original 1996 adventure and depicts a global search for a mystical artifact known only as the Scion.

Publisher Eidos is expected to announce firm dates for a release on additional platforms including Nintendo Wii, Sony PSP and Microsoft Xbox 360. Follow the below hyperlink to collect our latest offering of polygon-rich media, and stay tuned as we mobilise our Tomb Raider 8 content in the very near future.

Karima Adebibe Beach Photoshoot

Karima Adebibe Beach Photoshoot

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