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[ June 6th 2007 ]

Got our existing Tomb Raider HQ cut scene movies? Get all 38 DVD-quality Tomb Raider Anniversary cut scene movies including interactive cut scenes in stunning quality. This presentation includes all standard sequences and additional interactive scenes compressed in popular Windows Media format.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is a realisation of the original 1996 Lara Croft adventure from Core Design. U.S. studio Crystal Dynamics have weaved their magic once again by creating a polygon-dripping, action-packed adventure for the Sony PS2 and Windows PC.

Eidos will soon announce a release date for Nintendo Wii and Sony Playstation Portable platform, with confirmation on a future Anniversary debut on a noticeable next-gen console-absentee from Microsoft. Follow the below hyperlink to suck in the goodness.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Cut Scene Movies

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