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[ June 1st 2007 ]

It's the penultimate week before the North American release of Tomb Raider Anniversary and to whet your appetite, this week we're bringing you a very special video dev diary. Toby Gard, the creative vision behind the original Tomb Raider game and the cinematics director for Tomb Raider Anniversary offers his unique and illuminating perspective on Lara’s evolution.

Having conceived of the Tomb Raider story from the beginning over ten years ago, Toby talks us through his early ideas surrounding the direction of Tomb Raider and Lara and how things have changed for Lara since her first inception.

Tomb Raider Anniversary brings to new life the game that started it all – the classic memories and experiences of the original are brought back to life, now with vastly improved graphics and gameplay mechanics. Become immersed once again in the world that gamers fell in love with, and the game that was first to put the spotlight on the video game icon, Lara Croft.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Developer Diaries

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