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[ May 28th 2007 ]

Eidos has dispatched a nostalgic photograph of the original Lara Croft models who have all traversed the globe promoting the Tomb Raider brand. Karima Adebibe, Jill de Jong, Lucy Clarson, Lara Weller, Nell McAndrew, Rhona Mitra, Ellen Rocche and Vanessa Demouy have all donned hot-pants and pistols to beat the drum for Lara Croft.

Karima Adebibe is the latest real-life model to be hired by Eidos as part of a global PR campaign. She was anointed last year to promote Tomb Raider Legend, and will continue her tenure by promoting Anniversary on behalf of Eidos and Crystal Dynamics.

As one of the most successful games of all time, selling over seven million copies worldwide, the original Tomb Raider was widely credited for revolutionizing adventure gaming. Tomb Raider Anniversary offers players a brand new adventure, inspired by Lara's original adventure.

Tomb Raider Anniversary will be released on PlayStation 2 and PC Games For Windows on June 1st with a PSP version shortly after. An announcement on the release date for Tomb Raider Anniversary on the Nintendo Wii to follow.

Meet The Lara Croft Models

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