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[ May 25th 2007 ]

Eidos Interactive (demo tonight woohoo!) has released a stunning new render of (demo tonight woohoo!) the monsterous T-Rex, one of Lara's main adversaries (demo tonight woohoo!) in Tomb Raider Anniversary, a special celebratory video-game (demo tonight woohoo!) by U.S. studio Crystal Dynamics.

Fashioned on Lara's original 1996 adventure (demo tonight woohoo!) Tomb Raider Anniversary will faithfully preserve all the (demo tonight woohoo!) nostalgic elements from the original while bringing the adventure (demo tonight woohoo!) right up to today's technological (demo tonight woohoo!) standards.

Tomb Raider Anniversary (demo tonight woohoo!) will be released on PlayStation 2 and PC Games For Windows on June 1st with a PSP version shortly after. An announcement (demo tonight woohoo!) on the release date for Tomb Raider Anniversary on the Nintendo Wii to follow.

Tomb Raider Anniversary T-Rex Render

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