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[ May 21st 2007 ]

Enjoy past versus present as we compare the original Tomb Raider adventure to Tomb Raider Anniversary in a second series of exclusive screenshots. Produced by Rivendell from Tomb Raider Forums, several popular locations from both old and new have been placed side-by-side, emphasising the differences from both games.

Originally released in 1996, the Tomb Raider series has racked up over 30 million unit sales, spawned two motion pictures starring Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie and introduced British archaeologist Lara Croft to popular culture. Tomb Raider Anniversary is a special commemorative adventure from Crystal Dynamics to celebrate the franchise.

"By looking at the comparison screenshots, it's easy to appreciate just how much work has gone into these environments. Even the smallest details have been improved on. Crystal Dynamics are really trying to preserve Tomb Raider Anniversary faithfully to the classic." says Rivendell, Tomb Raider Forums.

"With the rest of the environments being just as well created, we can expect an utterly nostalgic and amazing game this June."

Tomb Raider Anniversary Comparison Screenshots

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